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Travel Scanner 150, DocuPrint C115/116/225, DocuPrint P/M 225/235/265/275, DocuCentre-V, DocuCentre-VI Series

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Eligible Model List

  A4 A3
  Color Black and White Color Black and White
Printer ApeosPort-VII CP4421
ApeosPrint C325 dw
DocuPrint CP115 w
DocuPrint CP116 w
DocuPrint CP225 w
DocuPrint CP475 AP
ApeosPort-VII P5021
DocuPrint P235 d
DocuPrint P235 db
DocuPrint P275 dw
DocuPrint P285 dw
DocuPrint P385 dw
DocuPrint P475 AP
ApeosPort Print C5570
Multifunction Printer / Device ApeosPort-VII C3321
ApeosPort-VII C4421
Apeos C325 dw
Apeos C325 z
DocuPrint CM115 w
DocuPrint CM225 fw
ApeosPort-VII 4021
ApeosPort-VII 5021
DocuPrint M235 dw
DocuPrint M235 z
DocuPrint M275 z
DocuPrint M285 z
DocuPrint M385 z
ApeosPort C2060/C2560/C3060
DocuCentre-V C3373/C3375/C4475/C5575
DocuCentre-V C3374/C3376/C4476/C5576
DocuCentre-VI C3370/C3371/C4471/C5571
ApeosPort 2560
ApeosPort 3560
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Other DocuPrint / Phaser Series or DocuMate Series

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  • Earn Fun Rewards Print-and-Get Rewards Points Bonus
  • Accumulate spending to enjoy FUJIFILM Business Innovation priority services
Eligible Model List

  A4 A3
  Color Black and White Color Black and White
Printer DocuPrint CP315 dw
DocuPrint CP405 d
DocuPrint CP505 d
DocuPrint CP555 d
DocuPrint P355 db
DocuPrint P355 d
DocuPrint P365 d
DocuPrint P375 d
DocuPrint P375 dw
DocuPrint P455 d
DocuPrint P505 d
Phaser 7100 N
DocuPrint C2255
DocuPrint C5005 d
Phaser 7800 DN
DocuPrint 3105
DocuPrint 3205 d
DocuPrint 4405 d
DocuPrint 5105 d
Multifunction Printer / Device DocuPrint CM315 z
DocuPrint CM405 df
DocuPrint CM505 da
DocuPrint M355 df
DocuPrint M375 df
DocuPrint M375 z
DocuPrint M455 df
DocuCentre SC2022 DocuCentre S2320
DocuCentre S2520
Scanner DocuMate 3220
DocuMate 3125
DocuMate 4440
DocuMate 6440
DocuMate 6480
N/A DocuMate 4830
DocuMate 4799
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Scratch-and-Grab Rewards Program

Earn Scratch-and-Grab Rewards Program Bonus Points

Scratch-and-Grab Game is a reward game for customers in Hong Kong and Macau. Only FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong Genuine Supplies come with this label.

Customers can accumulate points and enjoy gift redemption by scratching the Scratch-and-Grab game code and register on within 30 days of purchase of FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong Genuine Supplies.

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