Fun Rewards Program Termination

Thank you for your continue support to our products and participation in Fun Rewards program. Fun Rewards program (including ‘Print-and-Get’, ‘Scratch-and-Grab’ and ‘Priority Services’) will be ended on 31st October, 2021. All accumulated points will be expired and cannot be redeemed after the end date. If you still have any unused points, please log in and redeem before the end date.

Simply register your account and redeem bonus points for gift rewards

Fun Rewards is a brand-new platform that combines two loyalty rewards events including office equipment rewards program - Print-and-Get and consumable rewards program - Scratch-and-Grab. Customers can earn bonus points*1 for every purchase of FUJIFILM Business Innovation selected equipment and consumables.

In addition to Print-and-Get and Scratch-and-Grab, FUJIFILM Business Innovation also launches a Priority Services Scheme that will offer priority services to Hong Kong customers who reach the designated spending amount*2.

Customers can earn and accumulate points by providing sales information and uploading relevant invoice to Fun Rewards.

Scratch-and-Grab member, please use the current login information to access Fun Rewards.

Product Warranty
Customers can simply register warranty and earn bonus points for products in this model list

Hotline: 2513 2513    WhatsApp: 5545 4551

*1 Accumulated bonus points from Print-and-Get and Scratch-and-Grab can be used together for gift redemption.
*2 Customers can earn bonus points and accumulate spending from same invoice, if applicable

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Print-and-Get is a brand-new program designed to reward the customers who purchase FUJIFILM Business Innovation printers, multifunction devices, scanners, and software. Customers can accumulate points and redeem gifts by submitting the requested invoice to Fun Rewards.

Program Period
2017 - 2018: 1 October 2017 to 31 December 2018
From 2019 onwards: Every 1 January to 31 December

Click HERE for details of eligible model list Terms and conditions

The game is designed to reward the end customers who use the genuine FUJIFILM Business Innovation consumables. Each consumable cartridge supplied by FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong Limited will include one Scratch-and-Grab game label. You can find a secret code after scratching out the silver-grey coating on the label. Please register your account on this site. Every time when purchasing FUJIFILM Business Innovation consumables, you can input the secret code into our site and earn points.

Program Period
Every 1 January to 31 December

Click HERE for details of eligible model list Terms and conditions

FUJIFILM Business Innovation newly developed Priority Services Scheme for offering priority services to customers who reach the designed spending.

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Fun Rewards Applicable Model List